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United Trades of America is a labor contractor focused on skilled trades within the construction industry. We supplement a client’s core staff with our quality skilled tradesmen on an as-needed basis.

Our Mission

At United Trades of America, we are passionately committed to finding and recruiting the most talented individuals for our clients. We believe that talent is the backbone of any successful organization, and we are eager to go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have access to the best and brightest professionals in the industry.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional candidates and top-tier companies by providing unparalleled recruitment services and fostering long-lasting relationships with both parties. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to excel in their chosen career path, and we are dedicated to making that a reality for both our candidates and clients.

Benefits & Features

Legal & Identity Theft Protection Plans
Life Insurance
Wages on Demand
Employee Discounts
Essential Staff Care
Customized Lending Solutions
Credit Repair

Benefits to the Client

Allows the client flexibility to take on more and larger project opportunities without hiring and downsizing internal staff.

Allow the client to expand their service offerings and reduce subcontracting work to third parties.

Allows the client to consider jobs in different geographical locations without the high per diem costs associated with sending local, internal employees.

Allows the client the ability to offset liability on the highest risk employee – the new hire- protecting and reducing costs such as unemployment taxes, workers compensation premium (& EMR) and other employment related exposure.

Proper usage of a labor contractor should reduce labor burden on the client’s internal staff thus impacting bid competitiveness and the ability to reward valued employees.

Provides the means for a client to be in a perpetual state of increasing the productivity of their internal staff by replacing less productive/less dependable employees with workers assigned by United Trades of America that the client wishes to hire direct.

Provides a powerful tool for the client to maintain or re-gain control of the workforce and positively impact the company culture.

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Why Choose Us?

There are thousands of temporary staffing, direct hire, Recruiting Process Outsourcing and other third party labor providers throughout the country. Our primary focus is construction and our executive team is a perfect mix of former construction superintendents, executives and former owners of large construction companies coupled with a team of staffing recruiters, and executives with more than a combined 70+ years of experience. This has provided us an invaluable insight to better serve our partner-clients.

While our team gives us a significant edge in our industry, how we operate, our expertise, our recruiting technology and our business philosophy truly separates us. We consider our clients to be our partners. We work diligently to qualify our clients and work just as hard to earn the right to be their partner- provider.

Qualifying our clients is one of the most important portions to our business model. Because the nature of the relationship is such that an employee of United Trades of America is under the supervision and direct oversight of the client’s management team, we wish to work with clients with high safety standards, safety history, safety training and safety personnel. While protecting our Experience Modifier on our workers compensation is important to our business model, workers getting home safely to their families each day is our first priority. We hold the relationship with our employees at the same level of value as we do our client partnerships.

By identifying and partnering with like-minded clients, investing in technology, leveraging the economies of scale of our entire workforce and having incredible expertise on our team, we have been able to reduce and control the indirect costs of our labor (labor burden). Rather than increase the profitability of our service through these savings, we chose instead to re-invest these funds back into our valued workforce.

Through the savings and model outlined, we have been able to build a suite of services and benefits for our workforce second to none. We have been able to tailor these benefits for the demographics of our valued workforce. While we can not always control pay rates in the industry, we can still impact the financial and health well-being of our employees.

Some examples of our suite of services/benefits to our employees:

  • Preferred status, cost savings, and counseling with a nationwide mortgage company with a multitude of home finance options. Much more than just a mortgage company. Our mortgage partner is there to educate the worker on the options available to them, inform them of any grants or down payment assistance that may be available to them and help find solutions and strategies to overcome obstacles to buy a home.
  • Discount Credit Repair – Tying directly into the mortgage benefit but encompassing all potential finance is credit repair. Helping the worker increase credit rating and reducing interest rates for the employees purchases or credit cards may be more impactful for the employees financial health than a significant pay increase.
  • Day Advances – Currently in integration to our payroll software is the ability for the worker to withdraw cash through ATMs after the first complete work day of a pay cycle for a simple $5 charge. It is our goal for workers to utilize this option instead of the extreme high rates of the payday loan companies. Too often, we have seen the devastating effect of these companies with our employees.
  • Standard Pay Card/Cash Card to eliminate “check cashing fees”.
  • Essential Staff Care – Low cost basic health coverage
  • Doctegrity – teledoc services for the workers to quickly and easily get medical diagnoses for basic needs. Also includes mental health services.
  • $5,000 of free life insurance with affordable options to buy more if desired
  • Discounted entertainment tickets including concerts, amusement parks, and movies
  • Discounts through online retailers and discounted gift cards at multiple locations.

United Trades of America is consistently looking for unique ways that we can positively impact our valued workforce.

While the employee is the direct beneficiary to these services, our clients benefit substantially as well. These value adds for our employees are designed to not only show our appreciation for allowing us to be their employer, but also very valuable tools to recruit and retain their services. This helps stabilize our workforce that is ultimately assigned to our client’s projects. It also allows us to be perpetually improving our own workforce by bringing in new employees and replacing less dependable/productive employees.

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